Friday, July 4, 2008

Enna Burning by Shannon Hale *****

Alright, after reading The Goose Girl & realizing that Shannon Hale has written not one, but 2 sequels, I had to get right on that. I was just as pleased with Enna Burning as I was with her previous novel, in fact I almost enjoyed it more. It's darker than The Goose Girl, with a much more serious story line dealing with death & loss & self control.

I recommended this author to a woman I work with who has a young teen daughter looking for some good books for her to read that don't deal with ridiculous amounts of sex & peer pressure crap. These books are great for that age group since they have so much to say about being who you are despite the displeasure & disappointment of others.

I'm hoping to start the third book, River Secrets, as soon as I can get to the library. I can't wait!

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